Aromatherapy massage treatments & programmes continue in a relaxing and safe way. Please click here for more details.

I completely understand that not everyone feels ready to return for treatments and would like to reassure you that you can still benefit from aromatherapy products which I can make up for you as a one-off prescription or as a subscription service.

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2020 was my 25th year in business as a Clinical Aromatherapist, and I set out to re-design relaxation, I had no idea how much of a re-design 2020 would be!

Lockdown saw the arrival of the Shelley Baker Aromatherapy ZoomSpa! It’s great fun, very relaxing and you’ll enjoy bespoke aromatherapy products made for you.

Would you like an evening of relaxation but don’t feel ready to go out yet? Maybe you want to meet up online with friends/family from afar? You could even gather a group of friends at home and I’ll guide you through an evening of relaxation Spa style.

“I loved it and was very relaxed”

Sign up here and I’ll email you a short consultation form so I can make your bespoke products. You’ll receive an email with joining instructions and how to get your box of aromatic goodies. Don’t worry, the box and everything in it has been designed to fit through your letterbox, so no trips to the post office! Calm and relax are the order of the day.

The ambience is set by starting with a foot soak and guided relaxation then you’ll learn some relaxation tips, pressure points and a hand massage. I’ll explain all the products in your kit as we go through the session but most of all it’s your time to relax, sit back and have fun.

“It was so lovely and relaxing. There was a lot included with all the information, advice, foot soak, products and the social element, it was an evening’s entertainment!”

Of course, I’m on hand and ready to spill the beans on my tips exclusively for you as well as answer any of your questions. This is your chance to delve into my 25 plus years of experience in relaxation, whatever else is going on in your life. It’s been (and continues to be) quite a journey and I’d love to share some of it with you.

I’ll be live in the session for an hour but feel free to carry on after the zoom has finished to fully benefit from the relaxing oils. I usually run ZoomSpa monthly and in the evening so you can drift from Spa to dreamland in minutes.

All you need to do is bring your tired mind along , click here and I’ll see you in person in the ZoomSpa. I’ve got you in a bubble (sparkly aromatic kind). Calm and relaxation guaranteed, fluffy slippers optional!

£30 per ZoomSpa which includes your aromatic goody box

23rd Jun 2022

28th July 2022

25th August 2022

29th September 2022

Aromatictherapy – Workshop at Keynestone Mill

Most of us struggle, at some stage in our lives, with poor sleep patterns, how to relax, stress or low energy levels.  This is an interactive and practical workshop, your opportunity to discover the beneficial properties of plants and how to use their oils to improve your general wellbeing, as well as how to relieve minor health issues, aches and pains.

find out more and make a booking

Aromatic Prescription Service

Would you like to use aromatherapy and essential oil based products but are confused or unsure where to start? There is so much information out there and it’s not always safe or the best advice.

Arrange a free 10-minute telephone consultation (or video chat) to chat about your health and wellbeing issue, whether it’s stress related, a skin problem or physical niggles & pain. I’ll work out which products and essential oils will help you.

I’ll make them up and either post them to you, or if you’re local you can arrange a time to collect them safely from Wilton. The cost is worked out individually and payment is by BACS. Please call or email to arrange a consultation.


Sleep survey

A free, online questionnaire. Once I’ve read your answers I’ll reply by email with up to three sleep tips just for you, to start tonight. Just click HERE to go to the survey.


Ingenious Revival Programme


“The most relaxing hour of the month. Thanks for de-stressing me”

“The thought of coming for my massage at 4pm is the only thing that has kept me going today”


The Ingenious Revival Programme is for you if you would like to feel relaxed and manage your stress better with a 14-day easy to follow plan. Maybe you would like to try my structured approach without committing to a longer programme. The aim is to give you some practical relaxation tips using specially blended essential oils, to get you on track and make your sleep work for you.

This 14-day plan incorporates the following:

  • Introductory 15 minute telephone consultation
  • The Ingenious Revival “Look your best and feel your best” Treatment Plan
  • Bespoke Aromastick
  • Bespoke cream or bath product
  • 12 Powerful Relaxation tips leaflet
  • eBook
  • Follow up 15 minute telephone consultation

If you would like to include a soothing and relaxing massage as part of your Revival programme the total fee is £147



Ingenious Vitality programme – feel serene and tranquil


“I’ve really enjoyed the programme, it’s been nicer than a whole day at a Spa, I can fit it more easily into my schedule. I like the workbook, it’s made me realise that making little changes has a big impact on my sleep and lifestyle”


This programme is for you if you’re juggling stress, finding it hard to switch off or can’t sleep. Together we’ll work out how you can re-discover your ‘old’ self, simply relax and re-energise every day, every night.

Throughout this structured programme you’ll be supported personally by me. You’ll receive lots of resources, aimed at helping you keep calm, relaxed & develop a good sleep routine.

Use the oils daily, via inhalation or aromasticks, bath or body products and you’ll soon be able to enjoy how to.

  • Sleep better, develop good sleep habits and be more productive
  • Identify and deal with your stress triggers
  • Feel emotionally balanced and full of energy all day long.


This 4 or 6-month plan incorporates the following:

  • Monthly 30 minute telephone consultation
  • The Ingenious Revival “How to look your best and feel your best for busy people” Treatment Plan
  • WhatsApp support and videos
  • Bespoke Aromastick each month
  • Bespoke cream or bath product each month
  • Aroma-diffuser
  • Shelley Baker, Relax 10ml pure essential oil blend
  • Shelley Baker, Uplift 10ml pure essential oil blend
  • Large Muscle Gel gift box


4 months

6 months


You may like to upgrade to include a monthly soothing and relaxing massage with essential oils blended specially for you as part of your Vitality programme? Aromatic massage can reinforce the sense of relaxation and positivity whilst easing any muscular tension, ached or pains.

4 months with massage

6 months with massage

VIP sessions

A really intensive 4-hour session where you receive relaxing massage treatments, products advice and a plan to work with safe in the knowledge I’m still on hand for support once you return home.

Sessions run 10am – 2pm and include a delicious afternoon tea at a local café.

VIP session

Upgrade to the VIP deluxe package and book a further two 45 minute treatments (we’ll decide the best ones for you at the time of your consultation) to be used within 3 months of your VIP session.

VIP Deluxe session

Treatments available as part of the VIP upgrade or on occasion as stand alone treatments are:

Back, neck and shoulder massage

(as a stand alone treatment please allow 60 minutes)

Full Body massage

(as a stand alone treatment please allow 90 mins)

Aroma-reflexology, includes a cream and ‘foot map’ to use at home.

(as a stand alone treatment please allow 60 minutes £70)

Please note, for VIP upgrade treatments please allow 45 minutes rather than the times for stand alone treatments which take into account consultation times.

Want to spread the cost of your programmes?

We’re keen to make it as easy as possible for you, please contact us for details. Then just relax and let us take care of you. ❤


Keeping Calm and Relaxed Programme


“The aromatherapy has made it all much more bearable – thank you”
“It was a wonderful session that my wife had, she has been somewhat apprehensive about the chemotherapy treatment and the cold cap – but you came along at just the right time!”
“As a highly qualified and experienced Clinical Aromatherapist, Shelley is outstanding in her field inspiring confidence with her expertise” Chiropractic Clinic, Salisbury


This package of treatments is for you if you are feeling especially anxious and about to undergo medical treatment. The aim is to give you varying levels of aromatherapy support depending on what you need and some practical relaxation tips to help you stay calm and feel more in control.

If you are about to have medical or dental treatment it is natural to feel apprehensive, nervous or just plain scared. Having personally experienced various medical procedures and even though some of my work is in a hospital, I completely understand the sheer terror the thought of medical intervention can induce. I also however absolutely know, that using essential oils to restore a sense of calm and control is not only hugely beneficial but it works. Aromatic Therapy can help you to relax, improve your sleep and stay calm. Use the oils daily through inhalation sticks (aromasticks) whilst applying some of the techniques in the “relaxation tips” worksheet and you’ll be on the road to feeling more serene. You may like to combine the therapeutic effects of the oils with a soothing massage to reinforce the sense of relaxation and positivity.

Introducing Keeping Calm and Relaxed

To help keep you calm inhale the soothing aroma of the “Relax” pure essential oil blend using an Aromastick. Instructions for use are provided and a ‘relaxation tips’ leaflet.

Keeping Calm and Relaxed

Book a 20 minute telephone consultation with Shelley to have a bespoke aromastick blended for you. Receive a copy of the ‘relaxation tips’ leaflet, Shelley’s e-book and a 10% voucher to be used against treatments.

Keeping Calm and Relaxed including Massage

One to one support, including a consultation, bespoke essential oil products, ‘relaxation tips’ leaflet and sleep advice. If necessary Shelley will liaise with your Doctors / medical team so you receive the most effective and safest Clinical Aromatherapy treatments. Relax and feel soothed with a neck, back and shoulder massage.

If you would like ongoing support, advice and bespoke products throughout the course of your hospital treatment please talk to Shelley to arrange this based on an individual case basis.

Aroma-Subscription Box Service

A monthly box of personalised aromatic goodies tailored and posted direct to you.

Massage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or maybe you’re not local to me but there’s no reason not to receive quality and personalised aromatherapy products to use at home.

Arrange a free 20-minute consultation and we’ll decide together which products you need; they will be a combination of bespoke oils, bath soaks, creams, lotions and aromasticks. Then sit back and await the arrival of your beautiful Aroma-box full of tailored aromatic goodies with easy to follow instructions.

This is a 3 month subscription (so you get the best out of the products) you’ll receive a box a month. The contents of each box can be altered depending on what you need; it’s an entirely bespoke service.

£150 if paid upfront & in full (best option, save £30)

£60 /month for 3 months

Gift Vouchers

Give someone special the gift of calm and relaxation away from their everyday life. Gift vouchers are available in varying amounts and can be used towards treatments, packages or products as either part payment or in full.

Please book within the 6 month timescale. Appointments are popular so to avoid disappointment; please don’t leave it to the last minute to book as vouchers cannot be extended. Lost vouchers cannot be honoured, damaged or defaced vouchers maybe refused and vouchers cannot be exchanged for money.

If you would like to order gift vouchers, please get in touch with your details and the amount you would like to order.

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