“There’s nothing selfish about self care”.

Leading Clinical Aromatherapist, Shelley Baker, has over 25 years of helping busy people re-balance their lives, feel good & relax. Her background in science & unique approach means she can bring together the benefits of modern science and research with ancient wisdom and knowledge of plants. Her philosophy is that Essential Oils have an important role to play in sleep, relaxation and pain relief. If you improve those areas of life, you’ll re-discover calmness and youthful energy.

Aromatic tips to live life to the fullFREE eBook – Aromatic tips to live life to the full

Re-design your relaxation using the power of essential oils

I’ve written this free guide for you if you’re wanting to make aromatherapy or using essential oils a simple daily practice. It’s a distillation of my 25 plus years working with stressed clients helping them regain their sparkle. It’s not about getting back to normal, it’s about re-defining you, your time to relax and ultimately designing the life you want to live. “Wired but tired” is endemic and I’m on a mission to spread the word and show you how being calm and relaxed is do-able and better for you, after all, there’s nothing selfish about self care.

Download FREE eBook – Aromatic tips to live life to the full


2020 was my 25th year in business as a Clinical Aromatherapist, and I set out to re-design relaxation, I had no idea how much of a re-design 2020 would be!

Lockdown saw the arrival of the Shelley Baker Aromatherapy ZoomSpa! It’s great fun, very relaxing and you’ll enjoy bespoke aromatherapy products made for you.

Would you like an evening of relaxation but don’t feel ready to go out yet? Maybe you want to meet up online with friends/family from afar? You could even gather a group of friends at home and I’ll guide you through an evening of relaxation Spa style.

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aromatic therapy to reviveAROMATIC – REVIVE

Your wellbeing is precious, relax and re-discover your sparkle! Make the most of aromatherapy (with or without massage). Feel revived and revitalised with a 14 day easy & structured programme.

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aromatic therapy for vitalityAROMATIC – VITALITY

Simply relax, every day, every night with The Ingenious Vitality Programme. This is my signature programme distilling years of Aromatherapy experience into a structured plan for you, either with massage or without so you feel serene and tranquil.

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Are you nervous about medical or dental treatment? Shelley works within the NHS to help support patients remain positive & calm throughout their treatments. These programmes offer various levels of support; aromatic guidance and practical relaxation tips depending on what your needs are at any point in your treatment.

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Everyone knows that getting a good night’s sleep makes you feel refreshed, more positive and ready to take on the day. However, in today’s modern world, that’s not always easy. Prolonged lack of sleep doesn’t just make you feel groggy, it can affect your overall health. Prioritise your sleep and the world seems a brighter place! Complete your free sleep survey here (link to sleep survey).

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Feel Strong

Shelley Baker’s Muscle Gel™ is an all-natural blend of soothing oils in an easily absorbed base gel for treating sore and overworked muscles. It may also help prepare muscles before a sporting or strenuous activity and may alleviate pain and soreness after an injury or over exertion.

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27 Ways to Ensure a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

aromatic sleep therapy

Research shows that regular poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your health. Sleep affects how we feel, look and work every day.

FREE Download with quick and easy everyday tips to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep so you wake up feeling energised and ready for the day ahead.

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Gift Vouchers

Give someone special the gift of calm and relaxation away from their everyday life. Gift vouchers are available in varying amounts and can be used towards treatments, packages or products as either part payment or in full.

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Aromatictherapy – Covid Friendly Workshop

Most of us struggle, at some stage in our lives, with poor sleep patterns, how to relax, stress or low energy levels. This is an interactive and practical workshop,  your opportunity to discover the beneficial properties of plants and how to use their oils to improve your general wellbeing, as well as how to relieve minor health issues, aches and pains.

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