Muscle Gel story

In 1994 I had a nasty horse riding accident, the horse was ‘spooked’ and I went over the front, landing on my head but on the way down I caught the horse’s knee with my head causing a whiplash injury to my neck. I rode back to the stable but in the car on the way home couldn’t feel my left side, after an x-ray the Dr thought my neck was broken and commented that ‘girls aren’t supposed to fly, next time you won’t be so lucky’… Needless to say the pain was horrendous and the painkillers the hospital gave me weren’t effective. So I resorted back to my oils and a blend for pain, which, to my surprise worked! It turned out to be a ‘lucky’ accident, although I’ve given up horses nowadays! As I continued my Aromatic Medicine training I altered the ‘recipe’, which has evolved over the last 20 years into the formula I use today for Muscle Gel.
Muscle Gel is used by sports people and overworked gardeners or those doing manual work and even some people going through chemotherapy find it helps with the achy side effects. I’ve now developed a bath soak to help ease aches and pains at the request of sports people doing winter training.

Muscle Gel

Muscle Gel 50g  

Muscle Gel 110g

Muscle Soak

Bath Soak 100ml  

Pure Essential Oil Blends

Concordance, “your little bottle of grace”

This range of pure essential oils, designed by Shelley, will help you through common day to day niggles.

Although Shelley truly believes that Aromatherapy should be individually tailored each time you use it, sometimes you just need a quick boost and with Concordance range of oils we’ve done the thinking for you!

This is a developing project and the range of oils is expanding.

Relax and Uplift blends are available now.  Please contact Shelley for availability and cost.

Gift Box

Gift Box Small: 50g Muscle Gel & 10ml Bath Soak Sample  

Gift Box Large: 110g Muscle Gel & 100ml Bath Soak            

Aroma-Subscription Box Service

A monthly box of personalised aromatic goodies tailored and posted direct to you.

Massage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or maybe you’re not local to me but there’s no reason not to receive quality and personalised aromatherapy products to use at home.

Arrange a free 20-minute consultation and we’ll decide together which products you need; they will be a combination of bespoke oils, bath soaks, creams, lotions and aromasticks. Then sit back and await the arrival of your beautiful Aroma-box full of tailored aromatic goodies with easy to follow instructions.

This is a 3 month subscription (so you get the best out of the products) you’ll receive a box a month. The contents of each box can be altered depending on what you need; it’s an entirely bespoke service.

£150 if paid upfront & in full (best option, save £30)

£60 /month for 3 months

Gift Vouchers

Give someone special the gift of calm and relaxation away from their everyday life. Gift vouchers are available in varying amounts and can be used towards treatments, packages or products as either part payment or in full.

Please book within the 6 month timescale. Appointments are popular so to avoid disappointment; please don’t leave it to the last minute to book as vouchers cannot be extended.Lost vouchers cannot be honoured, damaged or defaced vouchers maybe refused and vouchers cannot be exchanged for money.

If you would like to order gift vouchers, please get in touch with your details and the amount you would like to order.

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